365 Plaza Central, photo by S. Ryser

A replica of a cabinet from the torn-down 1923 shop on Main Street.

Al Galedrige with a customer, photo by R. Chapman.  See also R. Chapman's article in the Los Altos Town Crier.

Photograph from a Los Altos school project, displayed in Al's Barber Shop. Anonymous photographer.

Greg's father Art Giedt

Greg Giedt in one of his 1923 barber chairs, photo by S. Ryser

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Greg Giedt, photo by S. Ryser

Greg's uncle Walt's picture in between memorabilia.

Memorabilia displayed in Al's Barber Shop.

Al cutting a boy's hair.  Photo sent in by the mother of the boy.

Al Galedrige in his highly decorated U.S. Navy uniform. For more details see also

Greg Giedt, 1985 in Campbell, CA.

Greg Giedt with nephew, 1996.

Discussing the new website after hours, 2010.