The Team

Al Galedrige

Al was born in Hawaii in 1926 and is a U.S. Navy World War II veteran.  He began his career in 1946 at Jack Hoffman's barber shop on University Avenue in Palo Alto. Soon he moved to Los Altos to buy his own barbershop and named it Al's Barber Shop in 1948, "when guys used to come down to the shop on horseback and tie them up to the hitching post out front".  When Al started Al's Barber Shop in the late 1940s there were five barber shops in town.  Al's credo is that Los Altos should have at least one real, old-fashioned barber shop.  The Los Altos Town Crier called Al in 2009 "Los Altos' legendary barber". Al's rich life is chronicled in his new website at Al fills in for Greg once in a while, and otherwise enjoys his well deserved retirement.

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Greg G. Giedt

Greg Giedt bought Al's Barber Shop in 2000 and reopened it together with Al Galedrige on March 3, 2000.  He graduated from the San Jose Barber College in 1984. Greg comes from a family of barbers.  He ran his father's (Art) barbershop in Campbell from 1985 to 1988 which Greg's uncle Walter founded in 1960. He then sold his father's shop in February 1988 and was employed in barbershops in Almaden and Los Gatos until 2000. In 1999, Al Galedrige started talks with Greg about joining forces which resulted in a more than 10-year-long joint venture running an old-fashioned tradition-laden barbershop. Both of them are passionate and proud to be in the profession of the chirotonsor arts.  

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