Whereas, Al Galedrige came to Los Altos as a youthful tonsorial practitioner in 1948 and leased the Main Street barbershop that had been started in 1923 by John Sargent;

          Whereas, Al's Barber Shop soon flourished, because Al had a magic touch in dealing with even the most recalcitrant head of hair, including that of David Packard for over fifty years; and

          Whereas, Al in the 1950s began the still-popular policy of posting photos of children having their first haircuts in Al's Barber Shop;

          Whereas, when the parking lots were put in, Al's Barber Shop survived being moved  to the rear of its Main Street building, where it had a more obscure Plaza entrance;

          Whereas, Al's Barber Shop survived the slower years brought about by such longhaired cultural icons as the Beatles;

          Whereas, during these slow years Al conducted a part-time paving business, the happiest result of which was to let him meet and fall in love with a fair customer, and persuade Carol, a world famous opera singer, to become Mrs. Galedrige.

          Whereas, Al was a key organizer for many notable civic improvements, such as the Parade of Lights, and the Pistache Tree plantings;

          Whereas, Al retired and sold his business five years ago, and still manages to work Fridays and Saturdays for old customers, thereby entering his 58th year of practicing the chirotonsor arts in our fair City,

          NOW, THEREFORE, I Ronald D. Packard, Mayor of Los Altos, on behalf of our City Council, do hereby commend Al Galedrige for his many community enriching efforts and congratulate him on one of the oldest operating business in Los Altos; and further PROCLAIM this 14th day of February 2006 to be


in the City of Los Altos and call upon the residents of Los Altos to join us in extending heartfelt gratitude for their innumerable contributions to the community.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the City of Los Altos, California to be affixed this 14th day of February 2006.

[Seal of the City of Los Altos]                                                                                  [Signature]                         
                                                                                                                      Ronald D. Packard, MAYOR