Council honors 'Al' after
50 years of splitting hairs

      Los Altos Mayor Ron Pack-
ard, on behalf of the city council,
proclaimed Tuesday "The Al's
Barber Shop Day" to honor Al
Galedrige for his contributions
to the community,, including pro-
moting improvements such as the 
Parade of Lights and the pistache
tree plantings.
       Galedrige came to Los Al-
tos in 1948 and leased the Main 
Street Barber Shop, opened in
1923 by John Sargent. Galedrige
renamed it Al's Barber Shop, and 
it continued to flourish under his
tonsorial tutelage.  The tradition
of posting photos of children hav-
ing their first haircuts in the shop
began in the 1950s.
       The barbershop survived
even the longhaired period of the
Beatles. During those lean years,
Galedrige op-
erated a paving
business part
time. where he
met his wife,
Galedrige sold
his business
and "retired"
five years ago,
he still cuts
hair for old customers, making
2006 his 58th year in business in
Los Altos.