History of a Los Altos Institution

1923   Dick Gregory opened a barber shop on Main Street, which was later bought by John Sargent.

1948   Al Galedrige bought John Sargent's barbershop and named it "Al's Barber Shop".

1957   Louie Piro joins Al's Barber Shop and becomes a long-term employee of Al's Barber Shop, retiring in 1999.

1999   The building on Main Street was torn down.  Al continued the barber shop out of a women's hair salon, which he later called the 'chicken coop'.  In the same year, Al discussed with Greg Giedt the sale of the barber shop.

2000   Al Galedrige and his new partner, Greg Giedt re-open Al's Barber Shop on March 3 at 365 Plaza Central as a newly built, old-fashioned barber shop.  The new shop is a mirror image of the old one, including the original 1923 barber chairs and replicas of the original cabinets.

2000   The San Jose Mercury News called Al's Barber Shop 'a Peninsula institution'.

2006   The Mayor of the City of Los Altos proclaims the "14th day of February 2006 as Al's Barber Shop Day" honoring Al Galedrige and "one of the oldest operating businesses in Los Altos".

2009   The Los Altos Town Crier called Al Galedrige "Los Altos' legendary barber".

Main Street downtown Los Altos, in 1940.

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Below are snapshots of historical photographs that are displayed in Al's Barber Shop:

             Main Street, Los Altos, 1924


            Al and Greg at the re-opening in March 2000.