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"Our Los Altos customers are the best customers I ever had.  We are humbled for every 5-star review and work hard to keep up to deliver the highest quality.  We thank our customers for critical reviews and take their criticism very serious, our main goal is to deliver the best haircut every time."
Greg Giedt, Proprietor, January 26, 2010.

The following are comments and reviews from customers, family and friends which we list chronologically.  We also provide a link to our page on, where several reviews about our business are posted.  Please send us your comments via e mail (; we may post them on our website.

Kim K., January 22, 2010
"Just a short note to thank you so much for creating such a wonderful website for my brother Greg! He is very excited about it.  It indeed conveys a welcoming and friendly feel about the shop, as well as Al and Greg.  It was fun to read about the history that this shop is steeped in, and the traditional way it continues to be run, especially in this high tech, fast paced world we live in. Yes, indeed somethings should never change. Thank you again for giving Greg and his shop this opportunity to shine."

Tom D., January 28, 2010
"Hey Greg, I like your new website (it's really neat).
I like that picture ( you using scissors over comb!)
You have a nice Barbershop!!!! Wow!!!"

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